Kardanski & Slim - Beautiful

Beautiful - Sean Mbaya


The music video for Kardanski & Slim’s euphoric track follows a woman who suffers at the abusive hand of her boyfriend. Emotions run high on route to the night out after he makes her come out against her will. Their argument spills out onto the street and they find themselves in the middle of a brawl.

Beautiful - Marc Nicholson


Kardanski & Slim are two of the finest dance producers Manchester has to offer. In 2010, Ex-Kid British band member Sean Mbaya (Kardanski) joined forces with Scott Jones (Slim). Scott may have never been in Kid British but he did once jam with Snoop Dogg. Together, they created a sound that combines elements of 90′s Big Beat with modern Dub-Step and Drum n’ Bass.

Beautiful - Natalie Haigh


Marc Nicholson

Marc Nicholson

Natalie Haigh

Natalie Haigh

Beautiful - Will Booth


Directed by  Jonny Knowles
Written by  Jonny Knowles & James Cunliffe
Produced by  Jonny Knowles & James Cunliffe
DOP  : Jacob Armitage
Edited by  Gavin Edson
Visual FX & Colour Grading by  Gavin Edson

Produced in association with D5 Media.