Kardanski & Slim - Katz on Sci-Fi

Katz on Sci-Fi - Colin Rice & Antony Singleton


This comedic and irreverent music video follow a pair of feral cats (gangsters in tiger costumes) who roam the streets leaving a trail of crime behind them. The cats spray graffiti, smoke, drink, dance and steal before arriving at a warehouse to snort milk and destroy anything in sight with bats, axes and sledgehammers.

Katz on Sci-Fi - Antony Singleton


Kardanski & Slim are two of the finest dance producers Manchester has to offer. In 2010, Ex-Kid British band member Sean Mbaya (Kardanski) joined forces with Scott Jones (Slim). Scott may have never been in Kid British but he did once jam with Snoop Dogg. Together, they created a sound that combines elements of 90′s Big Beat with modern Dub-Step and Drum n’ Bass.

Katz on Sci-Fi


Antony SingletonAntony Singleton
Antony has been acting in short films and music videos for almost six years. In that time, he has worked with some of the North’s finest talent including his role as a druggie step-dad in Dave Spikey’s ‘Buzz Dish’ which won the Audience Award at the Cofilmic Film Festival. Antony also performed opposite Billy Murray in Happy Armadillo’s latest short film ‘Drifter’ and will appear on the Crime and Investigation network in a series of reconstructions in March.

Colin RiceColin Rice

Colin is a Happy Armadillo regular, he appeared in one of our first ever short films ‘Bio-Village’ and also starred in ‘The Critic’. His other credits include fantastic dramatic performances in both’The Sleeper Effect’ and ‘Drifter’ as well as starring in the latest Happy Armadillo comedy due for release later this year. Aside from film, Colin is a regular face on the theater scene in Liverpool and has many productions under his belt.

 Katz on Sci-Fi


Written & Directed by  Jonny Knowles
Produced by  Jonny Knowles & James Cunliffe
DOP  : Jacob Armitage
Edited by  Gavin Edson
Visual FX & Colour Grading by  Gavin Edson

Produced in association with D5 Media.